Vision, Mission and Values

VISION: We are a community that fosters liberal, progressive, and inclusive ideas and people in El Paso County.

MISSION: We aim to Educate, Connect, and Empower young progressives in El Paso County, Colorado, to promote inclusive politics in a strong democracy.

We provide a platform for young people (age 16-36) interested and involved in Democratic politics by:

  • Hosting regular forums for the open flow of ideas
  • Educating young Democrats on relevant political issues and principles
  • Connecting with candidates and campaigns
  • Empowering youth to be advocates and activists

VALUES: We are Democrats because we share and support the values of the Democratic Party — our time-honored, basic American values. Which are, in short and in no particular order:

Liberalism, Inclusion, Civic Engagement, and Equity

Our vision and values support and inform the politics and policies we pursue.