About Us

The EPCYD party was started in 2015 to give us young people (aged 16-36) the opportunity to learn about American politics in general and Democratic politics in particular.  Read more about our Vision, Mission, Values.

We meet regularly, every Monday, in the office of the El Paso County Democratic Party (332 W. Bijou St., #101, Colorado Springs, CO, 80905), for hanging out with other young people who share our interests, talking freely with each other about those things important to us, and planning political actions to change the world to how we want it to be better. We build a positive sense of community among people who often feel disconnected.  Learn more about our Upcoming Events.

We also help young people connect with candidates, elected officials, and political leaders, to meet with and talk to these people in power.  And we do this for two very important reasons:

First, because most of us young people don’t vote unless we feel informed on the issues and we know about the candidates.  Putting us together with these knowledgeable people in a fun and friendly environment helps us learn what we need to know, being informed voters.  This helps us become better citizens.

And Second, because political leaders need to know about their constituents.  Giving these leaders a chance to interact freely with us young people helps them learn about one of their largest constituent groups.  This helps them become better leaders.

We strongly encourage you to join us at our next event, and bring a friend!  Practicing our principles: We value diversity and inclusion—welcoming everyone into our community.  And we’d be honored to have you come be a part of our El Paso County Young Democrats party.